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Company Bernd Rosenzweig SmartPart Germany smart is a master mechanic workshop, specializing in the brand. About our shop page, we have also distribute accessories, tuning and spare parts in OEM quality. Through many years of experience and training the smart Center Berlin, we have acquired the necessary expertise. Through our collaboration with the MT Cars GbR (the smart guys) we are able to (almost) any customer's request to enforce. From maintenance, collision repair, painting to individual conversions of our customers receive everything from one source.




Our services:


Auto glass


Alloy wheels and tires


Labels and foiling


Car tuning and styling


Vehicle conversions and upgrades for import and export


Communicate EU vehicles


Main and emissions tests


Air Conditioning Service


upholstery work


Tire-wheel storage


Special modifications customer requirements and individual productions


Accident repair and damage reports


Service and Maintenance Services


engine Repair


Parts and Accessories


Since the move to the new offices in the Meeraner road 13b in January 2010, we were able to continually and repeatedly extend customer service. Through various activities and in collaboration with the smart Club Germany and the smart club Niedersachsen we have the confidence of can win many private and business customers for us.